From January, 2018

Episode 13 – Blonde Benet

In this episode we will be discussing the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 3, the historic Oscar nomination of Get Out and other diverse films, Blonde Benet and her drag, and of course, our Thot of the Week!

Episode 12 – Sindy Vicious

In this episode we welcome monster drag queen herself Sindy Vicious! We will be discussing the finale AND reunion of second season of Dragula, a trending New York Times article questioning if we are living in the Golden Age of drag, Sindy Vicious and her now drag show DragZilla, and of course, our Thot of the Week! This week’s music is brought to you by Super King Reza, a Chicago-based hip-hop and R & B artist and we feature his song “Tear”.

Episode 11 – Riley The Girl (w/ Guests Windy Breeze and Tiffany Diamond)

In this episode we welcome the winning queen of the Miss POPular contest, Riley The Girl! In addition, Riley invited former Miss Popular Windy Breeze, as well as fan favorite from the competition, Tiffany Diamond. We will be discussing everything from the finale of the year-long Miss POPular competition here in Chicago, how Windy, Riley and Tiffany all came to drag, and of course, our Thot of the Week! Opening music courtesy of Lila Star!

Episode 10 – Alexis Bevels

In this episode we welcome musical theatre queen and Game of Thrones cosplayer Alexis Bevels onto the show! We discuss the rumored cast list of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, Alexis and her drag, Hollywood women at The Golden Girls declaring me too, and of course—our Thot of the Week! This week’s opening music is Lengua by Chicago-based artist Celine Neon.

Episode 9 – Bambi Banks

In this episode we discuss 2017 in review for Drag Queens and Kings, the latest two-part episode of Dragula, Bambi Banks and her coming to drag, and of course our Thot of the Week! Music courtesy of Chicago artist Sarah Marie Young. Check her out on Spotify and like her Facebook page!